Bachelor theses of Sarah Treier & Alexander Gensheimer   –   Oriēns - a configurable signet system   –   a orientation system that is easy to configure and produce. This makes it affordable and offers charities and NPO's the opportunity to ensure orientation and security in their buildings.


orientation   –   a well conceived signetsystem makes wayfinding more easyduring emergency situations it can even be life saving.

target group   –   to find the area that needs orientation the most, the analyses of the non-profit-sector was quite important.

analyses   –   a great part of the projekt was the analyses of visual rules that can be used as universal guidelines for a signetsystem.

design   –   after elaborating the circumstances of the charitable institutions, the rules that were found were laid down on the final design of the signets.

pictograms   –   to allow the signet-system to be irrespective of high license fees, own pictograms have been developed.

holdings   –   to make the system easy to assemble special holdings were designed. In addition, they give the system a visual unit

website   –    to make a modular system possible, it is configurable on a website.

user manual   –    for the non-profit organizations, a user manual was compiled. It includes the most important informations about the readability of signet systems and explanations of how and were to put on the signets.